Hi Family and Friends, I started this blog so we can share information and stories outside of the social media world with all its trappings.  I copied this blurb below from education.com that has some good information.  Thank you for visiting!




Why Blog? To Keep in Touch…

Although some aspire to follow in the e-footsteps of Catherine Newman, who parlayed her blog into a book deal and a monthly column with Wondertime Magazine, the overwhelming majority blog because it’s the most efficient way to broadcast their news to far-flung friends and family.

“It is a non-intrusive way to tell funny stories without pestering people with e-mail,” says Nicole Emens, who started blogging when her son was born three years ago and now maintains blogs for both him and her infant daughter. “People can check the blog as often as they want without me worrying ‘Did I already share this photo with my friends?’"

And Get Organized...

Many frazzled parents view blogs as high-tech scrapbooks, using them to organize photos and journal entries and printing out bound copies through services like www.Blurb.com.

“We tried writing everything down -- my preferred way of doing things -- but couldn't manage to keep track of or sort out the paper,” says Caryn Brooks Coleman, another mom blogger. “Since the blog adds the date (sometimes, especially in the early times, I just didn't know the date) we knew it would be a great way to track things in order. And since you can edit and add pictures later, it was like having someone file things in order for us.”

Is it Safe?

Many parents wonder whether posting information about their families online is safe. Is some creep going to look too closely at your daughter’s photo? Will an anonymous “troll,” or troublemaker, post comments criticizing your fitness as a mother?

“Post only events that happened in the past rather than the future (i.e. don't put it out there that you will be on vacation for a week meaning your home will be empty!)” says Mary Heffernan, who started blogging when she got married and now keeps track of daughter Francie at www.babyheff.com.  “Avoid friends’ and family’s last names.”

“Her website is behind a username/password that I only shared with family and friends,” says Madonnalisa Chan, who maintains separate blogs about her work, her hobbies and her infant daughter. “Even if I post to flickr for photos, I always change the privacy to friends and family.”

And, of course, don’t post anything you might regret later.